With a Little Help of the Bees는 4월에 밀라노에서 있었던 가구전시회 (수많은 전시회중, Droog의 Smart Deco 2 show)에 등장한 Tomas Gabzdil Libertiny 의 디자인작품이다. 왁스 쉬트로 벌집형태를 미리 잡은후, 실제 벌 4만마리로 1주일간 실제 벌집을 만들었다는 사실은 많은 사람들의 이목을 끌수밖에 없다... ㅡ,.ㅡ;; Tomas Gabzdil Libertiny는 이런 작업을 “slow prototyping”이라고 표현하였다... 음... 정말 멋진 말이다...
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아래는 벌집 화병에 대한 그의 설명---------------------------------------------------------

“I have been interested in contradicting the current consumer society (which is interested in slick design) by choosing to work with a seemingly very vulnerable and ephemeral material - beeswax.

“To give a form to this natural product it has occurred more than logical to choose a form of a vase as a cultural artifact. Beeswax comes from flowers and in the form of a vase ends up serving flowers on their last journey.

“At this point I asked myself a question: “Can I make this product already at the place where the material originates?” My ambition to push things further led me to alienate the process by which bees make their almost mathematically precise honeycomb structures and direct it to create a fragile and valuable object – like a pearl. This takes time and time creates value.

“Not meaning it as an euphemism, I called this process “slow prototyping”. It took 1 week and around 40.000 bees to create a honeycomb vase.”

Posted by 몬스터디자인

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