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  1. 2012.07.14 기괴한(?) 마네킹 넛크래커... (3)


마네킹으로 만들어낸 기괴한 넛크래커... 허벅지에 호두를 놓고 발목을 아래로 당기면 쉽게 호두를 깨멀을 수 있다... 총 18개의 마네킹중 하나는 힐러리 클린턴이라고... ㅡ,.ㅡ;;

작가의 설명 : In the Dallas Contemporary’s largest gallery space, Nutcrackers consists of 18 life-size interactive sculptures of women surrounding a pedestal holding one ton of Texas pecans. Each prefabricated female mannequin is mounted on her side in an odalisque position and has been retooled to function as a nutcracker. Visitors interact with each sculpture by placing a pecan in the mannequin’s inner thigh, then pushing down the upper leg to crack open the nut so they may eat it in the gallery. Inspired by nutcrackers depicting female figures - and in particular one found on the internet of Hillary Clinton - these interactive sculptures embody the two polar stereotypes of female power: the idealized, sexualized nude female form; and the too-powerful, nut-busting überwoman. The work also serves as a prompt to action, encouraging the viewer to transgress the traditional viewer-artwork boundary and complete the work by participating in it.

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    진짜 기괴하다 ㅋㅋㅋ
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    가슴이 너무 커요

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